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Our Story —  The Birth of the Brittle

During one of many Sunday afternoon visits with our dear friend Ann, the subject of Peanut Brittle came up. She said it was one of her favorite candies and she had not had what she considered “good peanut brittle” in quite a while.

We always tried to find a unique Christmas gift for Ann, so Lea started researching peanut brittle recipes. After deciding on one and a lot of tweeking, we made a batch which we thought Ann would like. That batch became her Christmas gift that year, and she enjoyed it.

Making peanut brittle became an annual event and the list of recipients  seemed to grow each year. After being told several times we should “sell this stuff”, we decided to do just that. It has been an enjoyable experience and we have met many nice and helpful people along the way.    

Vermont Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle (traditional)

Our traditional Peanut Brittle, like all of our flavored brittles is hand crafted in small batches, using quality ingredients.

Beer Brittle

Magic Hat #9, a great Vermont beer provides the flavoring for our Beer Peanut Brittle. Two 12 ounce bottles are used in every batch.

There is not an overpowering taste of beer, but the flavor is definitely different than the traditional brittle.

Coffee Brittle

The bitterness of coffee beans and the sweetness of peanut brittle make a great flavor combination.

Kingdom Coffee Roasters dark roast beans are ground and added to our traditional recipe.

Many non-coffee drinkers have tried this brittle and liked it.

Spicy brittle

For those who like to add a little zip to their snacking, we have created Spicy Peanut Brittle.

Spicy flavor not heat was our goal with this brittle.

At first you will taste the cinnamon and then the cayenne pepper says "hello, I am here too."

 where to Buy Vermont Peanut Brittle

  • C&C Supermarket
    71 Church St.
    Barton, VT

  • Harlows Sugar House
    563 Bellows Falls Rd.
    Putney, VT

  • Quechee Gorge Gifts & Sportswear
    6053 Woodstock Rd.
    Quechee, VT

  • Ray's Market
    96 Park Ave
    Irasburg, VT

  • Royal Towne Gifts
    442 VT Route 107
    South Royalton, VT

  • Willey's Store
    7 Breezy Ave.
    Greensboro, VT


“We received an enormous gift package of 'Specialty Foods' from Vermont for Christmas! It has taken time, but I want to give a review of all the products we received. Keep up the excellent work Vermont Peanut Brittle!!! Your Spicy Brittle was such a palette awakener and very tasty!!! We shared this great package with the whole family and everyone commented on how your peanut brittle was not the typical run-of-the-mill brittle. It had mouth popping flavor and just the right crunch without hurting the teeth! Thank You Vermont Peanut Brittle!“
— Lilly

“The Peanut Brittle is delicious and the Ginger Tea is really...really good!“
— Shelli

“Love the peanut brittle with cocoa nibs!“
— Katie

About Us


Vermont Peanut Brittle is a Mom and Pop operation, run by Ed and Lea Arnold.

We have been making Peanut Brittle for many years, starting out as Christmas gifts and evolving into a small business in 2011. Our products are sold mostly at farmers markets and festivals, we enjoy meeting our customers, giving them a free sample and talking with them about our brittle.

Now we have grown into our dedicated kitchen and are licensed by the State of Vermont and registered with the FDA.

Our brittle is still made by us, one small batch at a time. We love making peanut brittle and have been told our products reflect that. We expect each batch we make to be the best one yet.

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